Thursday, December 4, 2008

Changed My Mind

Wow, it's been awhile. I was going to write about "unfairness" in the workplace.
But, as time passes, so has my rage- for THAT topic.
AND it was about my husbands workplace at that. Probably a very typical scenario in most police departments. The "do-nothings" get rewarded, and the REAL cops that bust their asses get jack shit.

However, some good things have happened for the husband (work wise), so I will keep the bitching about the PD to a low roar.

The other topic I failed to explore was the sign outside my local Planet Fitness.
"A Brand New You" (for $10 a month). This is great advertising, if in fact by working out I will indeed be totally new. Doubt it. No matter how fit or fat free I become, I am still myself. we all are. The same person who works out like a fiend, most likely has the same mental blocks and issues that keeps them unhappy with themselves and sabotaging their efforts. The only way to a "Brand New You", is a heck of a lot of work on your brain.

Ok, so I am back. Look out.


fedchick95 said...

I hear ya there Bonnie. Just like where I work.

Lift Heavy Rock said...

The do nothings get reward...for sure. Pretty much like that in many places. Poor management.