Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Success Does Not Happen By Accident

One of my passions is working with clients on nutrition, most recently a program called
PUNCH Nutrition, as it is affiliated with The Art of Strength web site (aka PUNCH Gym (s) ).
Recently, through many client interactions, I have had some eye opening realizations that have helped me identify the probablity of one's success (or failure).

There are many "diets", many "experts" and many frustrated people. Many different approaches to fat loss can work, but ultimately it has much more to do with the person who attempts said program, and less about the program itself.

Like most people, I am inspired by the Olympic athletes that we have been able to watch most recently. These people CLEARLY- have worked for a very long time perfecting their sport/craft. Getting the opportunity to compete (never mind win) takes many years of successes leading up to the Olympic level.

Why conjure up all the OBVIOUS attributes of world class athletes?

Success (in any arena) does not happen by accident. I have found that people (me included) easily lose sight of the fundamentals when setting goals or embarking on a new business/hobby/contest/relationship...... it takes time and work. When it comes to "dieting", it ultimately is much more about your mind and belief system, and much less about your exact plan.

Don't get me wrong, I do strongly believe in whole, real foods. A diet based on points, or one that is laden with fake foods is not establishing a good foundation, and does not promote health, so therefore only real foods can work for long term, lasting success.

If you do not BELIEVE - really believe that you are worthy of happiness, love, rewards, accolades,.....success, you will fail. There has to be something WITHIN YOU to drive you towards your goals. Now will you be successful all the time? or instantly? No. There will be bumps in the road, but it is your sound emotional integrity that keeps you on that road, instead of veering off to have a drink or a candy bar or worse yet...the dreaded pity party. Don't fall victim to blaming the road for the bump. It is just a bump. Maybe it is you who needs an alignment?

So back to my realizations. If you want to succeed you have to work on yourself. Don't rush from diet to diet or guru to guru. Put stock, faith and energy in you first, rather than look around at everyone and everything else. Work on you, everyday, that is success.

Stay tuned for Part II: Success Sometimes Happens for Completely Undeserving People....
Yes it's true....and it sucks.

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