Monday, July 28, 2008

What do you Eat? a popular question

As a trainer, I am constantly asked for my opinion on various health and nutrition trends and topics. Sometimes the question is simple, yet complex-like “what do YOU eat”…. other times the question has no ONE singular answer. “It depends”… Exercise Science is a relatively young field. Daily we are able to study and learn new things from the “latest” studies. Good trainers also change their minds. They are not resolute and absolute with limited scope. With this in mind, I thought a monthly list of my favorite things would be a FUN way to communicate some of the things I have been looking at, thinking about or doing in a way that let’s the curious and the questioning do their own due diligence.

Ultimately, as much as I like to “ADVISE”, I always suggest to my clients/friends/family that they conduct their own due diligence before jumping into anything. It’s too easy to go down wrong paths when we blindly believe evrything we read and hear. That’s a big issue with today’s magazines and some inetrnet sites. The push to SELL an idea or product with compelling marketing can often lead people to believe that advertising = the truth. Not so.

For those of you who pick my brain for ideas and such-

Here is the July Top 10 (be sure and do your own research!)

L-glutamine- I think this supplement is highly under utilized and can be a key player in fighting carb/sugar cravings, as well as burning fat-building muscle. This website sells my beloved KAL stevia at 50% off whole foods prices as well as tons of other products.

Dr. Vivian Varese- Great “functional medicine” physician - if you have any hormonal issues she is the person to see. I cannot be more pleased with the quality of care. Surprise Surprise- she does not take insurance. See any correlations? Call her at 978-263-0110

My PUNCH Nutrition clients-Call me biased, but I really feel that those he tackle the tough issues (eating/nutrition) have the most integrity. They are true to themselves and work hard to better themselves. Hate to say it- working out is easy, eating healthy is not… Nice workout clothes that are not EVERYWHERE….

SMITH Machine Lunges- My squatting days (in a rack) are O-V-E-R!!! Forevahhhh. Thsi exercise is the next best thing for bringing up the rear…so to speak. Do it!

ARBONNE Seasource Detox Spa Line- Great products for your skin and body. Don’t poison yourself using products that contain known toxins and chemicals. It ain’t worth it. You can order on line and save 35%- just ask me how, or use - GREAT kelp and seaweed products that are high quality. The web site is very informative, you can learn more about the health benefits of seaweed and related products.

Distilled water-You should be drinking the purest water possible, and distilled water has some unique detoxifying properties. Check into it.

Fossil Farms- save time and order your healthy proteins ON LINE. They have awesome high quality meat products, delivered right to your door. Stock your freezer!

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