Monday, July 28, 2008


It has taken me 7 months to commit to writing a blog. I love to write, and I love to be right…so you would think this would come easy to me. Problem is WHAT should I write, when there are so many things on my mind.

Oddly, as one is who is not known for SELF EDITING when speaking, I find myself picking words FOR PRINT, much more carefully. I generally fly through life without a filter, though luckily I have been better at softening the message (s).

So, here it goes…blogarilla.

Today’s forecast: Distracted and bewildered. Been this way for a few days. I found out that I was passed over for a job, that was (in my mind) a perfect fit. Turns out that being highly qualified and bringing a lot to the table makes people nervous.

I am not one to settle for COMFORT. In fact, being comfortable is a sign that it’s time to SHAKE THINGS UP! You should not be “comfortable” in your workout, in your job, in your relationships, it’s a sign of stagnation and fear - fear of something better, and more evolved.

Karma? or Irony? I am caught somewhere between the two.

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